Cleverville functionality

by Sergej Lugovic

Management of direct (and indirect) sales processes

  • Web Shop - all processes related to ordering products through web stores
  • Web shop user administration
  • Selection of products to buy from the web shop
  • Sales document management
  • Order form
  • Payments
  • Receipt of goods
  • Return of goods
  • Packaging return
  • Delivery
  • Notifications and notices to clients
  • Integration and management of direct sales channels
  • Order by phone
  • Farmers market
  • Sales on the doorstep
  • business partners
  • Possibility of integration with cash registers
  • Automatic generation of completed sales list

Order management, warehousing and preparation of goods for delivery

  • Preparation of orders per client
  • Insights into stock levels
  • Minimum inventory management
  • Status of goods received to the warehouse for the purpose of an order packing
  • Manage ordered received and delivered
  • Packing and repackaging of goods
  • Insight into all activities related to the customer, the producers (or the place where the goods were produced) 
  • Notification of all involved in logistics and distribution processes
  • Cancellation of orders
  • Change of delivery notes due to lack of goods
  • Communication to the customer related to order changes

Delivery management

  • Managing partner delivery points
  • Customer notification processes related to the delivery of goods
  • Fleet management of delivery vehicles
  • Insight into the condition of goods in transport
  • Creating routes and distributing routes by drivers and vehicles
  • Delivery charge per kilometer, according to customer orders, fixed, according to the key given by the user
  • Traffic optimization according to traffic

Customer relationship management

  • Management, analysis and reporting of customer activities (including time purchases and communication history with each customer)
  • Management of promotional activities such as sending e-mail newsletters, chat applications, analysis of website visits, promotional activities such as visiting fairs ....,
  • Manage promotional and sales activities loyalty, coupons, affiliate sales, chatbots ...
  • User support

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Records and storage of incoming invoices
  • Picture the bill and save it,
  • Enter invoices in the information system,
  • Forward the invoice to the accounting, family members and / or partners,
  • Contracted leases and cooperation (insight into the details of cooperation related to business with subcontractors and other partners with whom there is a contract).
  • Reporting and analysis of expenditures by: supplier, cost center, by sales item

Production management

  • Analysis of time spent (working hours) by individual products and / or fixed assets
  • Insight into the planned and realised "output" of production
  • Insight into the use of resources such as:
  • Land (fields, arable land, fields)
  • Real estate (kitchens, stables, slaughterhouses, place for packaging and processing)
  • Equipment (insight into the utilisation of how much individual equipment is used)
  • Labor expended (keeping records of hours worked, and calculating the value of labor expended)
  • Planning and analysis of realised outputs by products (planned vs realised)
  • Warehouse management and availability of ready-to-market products
  • Consolidated analysis of production at the level of several partners
  • Creating customised reports according to user requirements

Production planning

  • At the level of the production plan and product availability
  • At the level where the goods originate (at the manufacturer)
  • On the distribution warehouse distribution
  • At the level of materials needed to produce the product

Automatic creation of supporting documentation

  • Full automation of document creation in logistics, warehousing and distribution processes
  • Return of goods
  • Bail
  • Among the warehouse delivery notes
  • Creating a barcode


  • Monitoring, reporting and analysis of operating costs by; supplier, place of cost, by sales item, by customer, by hours worked, by cost categories ....
  • Insight into revenues at the level of products (eg tomatoes), time period (eg in August) and resources (eg field number 1),
  • Consolidated statements of operating costs in the event that several partners are involved in production
  • Fixed costs - Monitoring of contracted leases and cooperation (insight into the details of cooperation related to business with subcontractors and other partners with whom there is a contract),
  • Financial results at the level of one producer or profit center
  • Insight into the costs of writing off goods
  • Calculation of the difference in price (RUC) of each sales item,
  • Integration with accounting (online document exchange)
  • Creating custom reports
  • Cost allocation for the purpose of calculating the price difference
  • Elaboration of the "key" of posting costs versus assets and income for the purpose of detailed calculation of operating costs (eg how we post consumed energy, by type of product, by square meter of country)