VM Grow Green Solutions

Professional LED Grow Lights:

Illuminate your indoor and outdoor projects with our state-of-the-art LED grow lights. Ideal for vertical farming setups and glass houses, our lights provide optimal spectral wavelengths to enhance crop growth, ensuring year-round productivity.


Top-tier NFT Solutions:

Elevate your farming experience with our NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) solution. We not only provide the highest quality technical support but also ensure seamless implementation, precision fertilization, and advanced automation. Experience efficiency and yield optimization like never before.

Growing Aeroponics Towers:

Reach new heights in agriculture with our aeroponics towers. These innovative towers utilize a nutrient-rich mist to nourish crops, fostering accelerated growth and maximizing space utilization. Our towers are engineered for reliability, ensuring a sustainable and productive farming experience.

Precise Irrigation Systems:

Immerse your fields in efficiency with our custom-designed irrigation systems. Focused on water consumption efficiency, our solutions optimize resource utilization, ensuring crops receive the precise amount of water they need for robust growth.

Vertical Growing System - Kostya:

Revolutionize your cultivation methods with Kostya, our vertical growing system. Capable of supporting 360 9cm pots or 1540 seedlings, Kostya boasts unparalleled energy efficiency, with LED grow light consumption under 240 Watts. Experience a compact yet high-yielding agricultural setup.

Soilless Vertical Hydroponic System:

Explore our high-productivity soilless vertical hydroponic system for growing vegetables, seedlings, herbs, flowers, or other plants. In a single cycle on 1.2 m², this innovative system can accommodate up to 3,600 seedlings or plants per month, providing an efficient and space-saving solution for your agricultural needs.


Remote Sensing from Satellites:

Harness the power of satellite technology to gain profound insights into your agricultural landscape. Our remote sensing solutions provide detailed information on parameters such as slope, soil humidity, and other crucial agricultural indices, enabling informed decision-making for optimal land use.

Microbiology for Soil Improvements:

Enhance the health of your soil with our microbiological solutions. Tailored for soil improvement, our microbiology services promote fertility and sustainability, creating an optimal environment for your crops to thrive.

High-End Biotechnical Solutions:

Embrace the future of agriculture with our custom-made bio-stimulants. Our biotechnical solutions cover a wide range of applications, adapting seamlessly to diverse projects and providing targeted support for enhanced crop performance.

Professional Trays for Ebb and Flow Applications:

Elevate your greenhouse operations with our professional trays designed for ebb and flow applications. Experience seamless plant nutrition and irrigation control, optimizing the growing environment within glass houses for superior crop yields.

Cleverville - Digital Supply Chain Platform:

Optimize your short food supply chains with Cleverville, our plug-and-play digital platform. From cooperative management to route planning and documentation in compliance with local laws, Cleverville simplifies logistics for groups of farmers, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Education Programs:

Stay ahead in agriculture with our tailored education programs. Whether general or custom-made, these programs delve into the latest agricultural technologies and tools, equipping farmers with the knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Project Development and Evaluation:

From project development and technical documentation to risk assessment and investment return evaluation, our experts guide you through every phase of your agricultural ventures, ensuring success and sustainability.

Design and Implementation of Growing Systems:

Engage with our expertise in designing and implementing growing systems, encompassing indoor, glass houses, and outdoor environments. Our solutions incorporate various contemporary technologies, ensuring efficient and high-yield agricultural practices.

Renewable Energy Solutions:

Explore sustainable farming with our design and implementation of renewable energy solutions. From solar to wind, we tailor solutions to your farm's specific needs, promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing reliance on traditional power sources.

Advanced Rain Harvesting Solutions:

Benefit from our advanced and cost-effective rain harvesting solutions. We have designed one of the most efficient systems to harness rainwater, providing a sustainable water source for your agricultural needs and reducing dependence on external water supplies.

Agrovoltaics Turnkey Solutions:

Partner with us for agrovoltaics, a cutting-edge system that combines agriculture and solar energy. Enjoy benefits such as enhanced land use efficiency, increased crop yield, and cost-effective energy production. Harness the power of the sun while cultivating your land, creating a synergistic and sustainable approach to agriculture.