Introducing Only Plants - Your Nutritious On-the-Go Solution

In the heart of Zagreb, nestled within our indoor farm, we present "Only Plants" – a revolutionary concept that encapsulates the essence of pure, nutritional, practical, local, and sustainable eating.


What are Only Plants capsules?

Imagine your favorite vegetables condensed into a convenient, portable form – that's Only Plants. From seeds to the final product, we meticulously cultivate and harvest dried microgreens, ensuring their purity and nutritional value. These encapsulated wonders contain the essence of wholesome greens, ready to elevate your snacking experience anytime, anywhere. 

Who are they for? 

Only Plants is for the modern individual craving a smarter, more efficient approach to nutrition. Whether you're a busy professional, a fitness enthusiast, or a parent on the move, these capsules cater to your lifestyle. With simplicity at its core, Only Plants empowers anyone seeking a convenient yet nutritious option to fuel their day.

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Take Action for Sustainability and Earn While Saving!
Utilize diverse disciplines including system science, agriculture, architecture, permaculture, biology, data science, and computer science to advance urban, food, and climate resilience. Implement sustainability practices to protect the environment, unlock revenue opportunities in premium markets, and optimize resource allocation through data-driven insights.



Sustainable Diet

Earn and save by embracing a plant-based, sustainable diet that includes locally sourced produce, urban agriculture, and addresses environmental challenges for better health and community well-being.

Grow Food Sustainable

Earn and save by applying approach to sustainable agriculture by using cutting-edge technologies, eco-friendly practices, and biological solutions to optimize food production while minimizing environmental impact.

Live Sustainable

Earn and save with our unique approach. Blend sustainable design with ecological balance. Identify opportunities for green walls, urban farms, and rainwater harvesting in urban and rural areas.