About us

We believe that food should be produced as close as possible to where it is consumed and that greening urban environments affects the quality of life.

Through our research work, we continuously improve the systems we offer on the market. You can see all the systems live in our laboratory in Zagreb.

Whether you are a traditional independent farmer, a restaurant, a food store, involved in seedling cultivation, an architect, an urban planner, or you want to green your private or business spaces, we are confident that together we can find suitable solutions based on green technologies.

Growing edible plants in the center of Zagreb may seem like an impossible mission, but right here, in the very center of Zagreb, at Kvaternik Square, Vesela Motika successfully grows plants while respecting ecological principles.

"Technology is becoming more advanced and cheaper, while food is getting worse and more expensive - where is this leading?"

By using innovative technologies such as vertical plant arrangement, precise and preventive cultivation methods, and custom cultivation, we create a comprehensive "living lab" of our own. The seeds we use for cultivation are of organic origin, as well as the products for plant nutrition and protection. Since the supply of plants is created according to demand, Vesela Motika operates according to sustainability principles: reduced ecological footprint, less waste and transportation costs, cooperation with gardeners for compost and seed exchange, etc.

The main stars of Vesela Motika's cultivation are herbs, young shoots of edible plants, so-called microgreens. 

Vesela Motika, together with its partners, offers green solutions for urban spaces (walls, roofs, interiors) and the design and implementation of hobby and professional gardens.

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