Possibilities of application of Cleverville solution

by Sergej Lugovic

Smart Cooperative

Cleverville allows cooperatives that make up multiple food producers to fully manage all business processes. It is possible to have a consolidated insight into the operations of all family farms that are members of the cooperative, management of joint orders, deliveries, food processing processes performed by the cooperative, management of a single web shop selling products of all family farms members, issuing invoices and cost management cooperatives, communication with clients and a unique client base at the cooperative level. It is also possible to have an insight into the stocks of all members of the cooperative in one place


using Cleverville, hotels, restaurants and bars can organize their local suppliers so that they can have in one place:

  • insight into the stock of individual suppliers,
  • the possibility of ordering goods
  • make payments
  • have insight into all transactions over time
  • communicate with suppliers
  • manage content for promotion purposes
  • integration with bookkeeping

Smart Market

using Cleverville, market organizers offering family farm products can in one place:

  • add family farms that offer goods,
  • manage all market business processes,
  • issue invoices to customers,
  • connect customers and family farms in the digital environment before and after the physical event,
  • have an insight into stocks and the quantity of goods sold per individual family farm, product and / or customer,
  • communicate with customers and market visitors,
  • create websites with offers of each family farm in the system
  • arrange delivery from the food producer to the end customer outside market hours

Smart Food Production

Using Cleverville, businesses that process food from independent producers can:

  • form a catalog of suppliers,
  • have an insight into the stock of all partners (current and planned),
  • manage finances and payments to suppliers,
  • manage your stock balance, both yours and have an insight into the supplier's warehouses
  • enter your recipes that automatically generate purchase orders according to suppliers,
  • place processed products through web shops or other direct sales channels,
  • manage logistics processes,
  • manage relationships with your customers,
  • transparently show customers from whom the processed food is purchased

Smart Communities

communities that bring together consumers and independent food producers using Cleverville can:

  • manage relationships with all consumers as well as with all independent producers who are part of the community,
  • instantly set up an online web shop offering food,
  • implement functionalities for the needs of food placement through weekly or monthly subscriptions,
  • manage weekly or monthly baskets,
  • manage orders, payments to suppliers, invoicing to customers,
  • have an insight into the state of stocks and demand of all community members (suppliers and customers),
  • creation of joint orders by customers,
  • warehouse management, logistics and food delivery to the doorstep

Smart Cities

urban communities that want to offer citizens food produced in their city, town, or municipality in one place using Cleverville can:

  • have a catalog of offers of all products produced locally,
  • placement of products through the webshop and other direct sales channels for residents of the area, as well as tourists visiting the area,
  • logistics process management, route creation, delivery and product billing,
  • enable producers to have a clearer insight into their business and profitability,
  • customer base management and insight into all transactions over time,
  • realization of promotional campaigns for the placement of products from the region,
  • integration with other regions with the aim of acquainting the inhabitants of one region with the products of the other region and vice versa

Smart Media

food media, food promotion bloggers, and professionals such as nutritionists or fitness trainers using Cleverville can:

  • offer its readers and users its selection of independent suppliers of healthy food through a web shop or other direct sales channel,
  • have an insight into the stocks of the partner suppliers,
  • joint creation of promotional content with partners,
  • delivery, route and logistics planning (or integration with partners performing these processes),
  • management of promotional campaigns and customer relations,
  • integration with social networks.