Cleverville goes global

by Sergej Lugovic

If you are running a food hub or short food supply chain and your revenue is above 1M of euro, Cleverville platform is the ideal  for you. Bellow is the short description of its functionalities. We developed it for largest short food supply chain organisation in Croatia and now we are ready to take it globally.

Cleverville is a software platform for short food supply chains and local food aggregators (coops, food hubs, farmers markets). It consists of four main modules that are seamlessly integrated.

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Cleverville benefits

Resources sharing and optimisation between farmers in order handling and fulfilment, sales and marketing, food processing and distribution and logistics, customer support, packing.
-Reduced handling and administration processing time. Improve warehouse (central/commission/packing/partners) operations.
-Easy integration of new farmers as partners.
-Automated creation of delivery routes, customer orders confirmation and invoice.
-Instant calculation of profitability (product profitability, resources profitability, business operations).
-Compliance with laws, VAT, and regulations.
-Automated inventory management at the level of farmer and food hub based on the from customers orders.

Cleverville functionality description

Digital Sales & Marketing;

orders processing (via the webshop, telephone, door- step, farmers market), b2b sales, new customers acquisition, automatisation of sending out offers and delivery dates, product catalog management (prices, stock levels, VAT calculation, avail- ability planning, discounts....), offers and invoice documents automatisation.

Logistics and distribution;

order fulfilment process, partners warehouses integration distribution center management, farmers and central aggregator stock levels management, automat- ed delivery routes planning, optimum vehicle routes and schedule, fleet and drivers management, automated creation of packing, shipping and delivery documents (internal and customers notifications), returns, caution for delivery boxes, delivery/distribution/pick up and collection tasks management.

Partners Management (Customers & Suppliers);

customers and suppliers master data, customers and suppliers interactions and transactions management and reporting, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable (AP/AR) automation, integration with accounting system, automat- ed invoice management system, partners segmentation, online reporting, export data in excel for additional analysis.

Costs and resources management and allocations;

allocation of labor costs, accounts Payable / accounts Receivable (AP/AR) to the resources used in production, flexible categorisation of the resources and costs, resources management and analysis, customer made resources and cost allocation reports and cost and/or profit centers, automated profit calculation, linking production resources with the product catalog.